Forum Rules

Our Registration Agreement, Forum Rules, Privacy Policy, and FAQ collectively form our Terms of Use. staff reserves the right to change these terms as they need updating. This updating can happen at any time. Changes will be posted here and on the forum.


No users are allowed under the age of 18.

Don't even try, because we will ban you as soon as we find out, and we find out almost all of the time. When in doubt, ask yourself: "Is it worth being banned to try to get around the rules?" The answer is: NO.

ONE account per person.

If you create more than one account, one of them is going to be banned. If we like you, you might get to choose, but since we don't like rule breakers, we will probably flip a coin. If you want a new name, you are allowed to have your name changed by an admin as many times as is deemed reasonable. -Note: that each time you change your name, your sig MUST reflect your former name exclusively for a period of 60 days. (Spelling corrections are exempt from this rule)

If you and a roommate or other member of your household use the forums, let us know so that we can make a note for Staff, so that your account or theirs is not flagged as a duplicate account.

Do not liaise for banned members or attempt to circumvent a ban.

If someone was banned, it was for a VERY good reason. Banning is not something we do on a whim, we do it only for very good reasons.

Basics and General Conduct

Do not start unnecessary drama.

If you want to confront someone about a post, do it in private messages. If you just want to be a dick to people, go to 4chan.

(The exception to this rule is the Venting board. Be prepared to be offended at all times.) Furry Venting is not and will not be policed. Items that WILL be addressed however are bashing of ones sex, religion and race. This will not be tolerated.)

Absolutely no discussion of other current forum members in any threads.

If you have a beef, take it to a private Conversation, or outside of FRPH.

Please, please, please do not post confessions of criminal acts on the forums.

This includes Murder, Rape, Assault, Justified assault, illegal drug use, theft... Just don't. It will result in your account being muted and your thread being moved while we are busy determining whether or not we have to turn the confession over to the authorities.

Also, using these boards to conspire to commit or support the commission of illegal activities is forbidden.

Posting & Roleplay

Do not double post excessively.

Bumping a thread is only allowed if the thread has been inactive for 2 weeks, and has not been bumped before. Do not bump a thread more than once. If you would like to revise a thread idea and have already bumped your thread, create a new thread and ask a staff member to delete the old one.

Do not color format entire posts.

We do have different color schemes with the different themes, and color formatting your whole post might make it difficult to read. Use different colors only for emphasis.

Do not post ads for other sites of any kind except in the designated areas.

This includes offering staff positions, soliciting membership, posting business advertisement, etc. There is a Links board that you can post advertisements to. Use that.

Do not roleplay sexual situations involving bestiality.

Do not portray any character in a sexual situation that appears to be under 18.

Even if the character is 18, if they are meant to appear younger than 18, it must be appropriate for the general board.

Do not advertise for roleplay that portrays any character in a sexual situation that appears to be under 18, regardless of where that roleplay is taking place.

Do not advertise for roleplay that portrays any character in a sexual situation that appears to be under 18 on this board.

Do not excessively RP outside of the RP threads.

Since we are all furries, it is pretty much guaranteed that we will emote things a lot. *hugs* *nuzzles* and stuff like that is fine, but don't get too in depth.

Keep threads appropriate to the board you are posting in.

If you post a game in the general thread, then you are obviously not doing it right. If you aren't sure where to put a thread, then ask a staff member and they can help you decide.

Do not exploit any system of the site to gain likes or artificially inflate your post count.

Pictures and Gallery

No real life (RL) nude or sexually suggestive pictures at all. Not even in the yiffy sections.

If you want to show people nude pictures of yourself, do it privately. Email, IM, whatever you want to do, just not here.

No sexually suggestive pictures of RL animals.

This includes pictures of animals having sex, pictures of animal genitalia, or suggestively angled pictures of an animal's backside.

No RL pics of minors at all.

This is to protect the forum as well as the minor. It is unfortunate, but legal liability can be a terrifying thing for forums.


Use the report function!

If you see someone breaking the rules, hit the "Report" link under the post and the site staff will take care of it. Staff is here for a reason, let us do our jobs. For Conversations, the "Report to Admin" link is in the bottom section of the message, next to "edit".

You must be 18 or older to access this site.

I am over the age of 18. Get me out of here!