Furry Chat & Roleplayer’s Haven Frequently Asked Questions

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A few questions and their answers:

  1. Q) Why can't I see this board if I am not registered and logged in?

    A) For security reasons, we have chosen to limit the availability of the boards to guests. Those who have registered are able to access the forum.

  2. Q) I don't see many boards. Why is that?

    A) The boards reveal themselves as your post count increases. If you are an unregistered guest, you have no ability to post or see boards.

    If you have not posted at all, you will see a limited selection of boards. After your first post, you will see all but the adult-oriented boards. Lastly, the adult-oriented material will become visible after a minimum of ten posts over a ten day period.

  3. Q) Who are our Administrators and Mods?

    A) Our Administrators are Cethlenn, and Studley Destiny. FRPH staff is listed as follows:

    • Tech Director: AdminAlpha2
    • Tech Admin: Zandrae
    • Social Media Guru: Ahmar Wolf
    • Administrators: Studley Destiny, Cethlenn
    • Moderators: Tiara, Asalvus
    • Junior Moderators: SkyKitsune

  4. Q) I don't see a Private Message option on the new board. Where is it?

    A) Private messages are called Conversations in Xenforo's format.

  5. Q) Where is my friends/buddies list?

    A) Xenforo lists them under "Following".

  6. Q) How do I add buddies or friends?

    A) "Follow" them.

  7. Q) I am on the discord server. How do I access the NSFW chat and role play channels?

    A) Yiffy channel permissions have the same criteria as yiffy forum access: graduation from newbie status, which is based on post count, currently a minimum of ten posts and ten days as a member.

    Remember to IM a staff member VIA the FRPH forums with your Discord ID so we can set proper permissions.